Sunday, April 30, 2006

Signs of Being Too Busy

Here are some signs that I have experienced that have told me that I am too busy. Not all of these are happening to me right now but some are. Each of these has happened to me at some point or another.

Take the time to go shopping but don’t unload the bags from the car for days, drive around with stuff in the car.

Take the time to go shopping, bring bags inside the house then don’t unpack them for a day or more.

Take newly purchased things out of the bag but leave them on the counter (where they don’t belong) for days.

Go somewhere and use a tote bag. Leave said tote bag with stuff inside of it in the car for days or weeks. Or bring said tote bag inside the house and don’t unpack it for weeks (or months).

Don’t take the time to read the book that was a ‘must have, right now’.

Don’t take the time to read the local newspaper so miss out on knowing certain events are happening in our community.

Don’t take the time to read the magazines that I paid to subscribe to.

Too busy to remember to check phone voice mail messages and when finally check, find messages that are several days old.

Feel guilty for sitting down to relax, read a book or ‘just’ watch TV (feel the need to multi-task anything and even watching TV seems like a guilty pleasure).

Unable to enjoy something that is supposed to be fun as the unfinished ‘to do’ list image is in my head.

Forgetting to go to appointments due to over-busy-ness.

Double booking appointments by mistake as can’t remember what is happening tomorrow.

Taking the time to travel but the suitcase doesn’t get unpacked for weeks.

Doing laundry but not folding it in a timely manner so the clothes are all wrinkled.

Doing laundry and folding it but not putting it away for days.

Doing laundry but forgetting that it was started and when open the washer, find mildewed clothes inside.

Kids complain of no clean clothes and find clothes in dryer and can’t remember what day that load was finished.

Acting in a reactionary manner such as finding the only projects that get done are the ones with deadlines that are held accountable to another person.

House is in need of cleaning to some point where just seeing the undone work is highly annoying. Finally take the time to do the work so the annoying feeling will go away rather than the desire to have a clean house.

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1 comment:

Barbara Frank said...

Oh, boy, I could have written that list! I think I've done most of those things. The scary part is that I didn't get any less busy after my oldest two left home and I was left homeschooling only two. Instead I found new ways to get even busier! I keep thinking I'll catch up on my rest in the nursing home someday, LOL.