Monday, January 23, 2006

Pondering Homeschool Blogger

People ask me why I blog over on Blogger/Blogspot rather than on Homeschool Blogger which is run by the Old Schoolhouse magazine.

I started this blog on Blogger/Blogspot before Homeschool Blogger was up and running OR before I knew it existed.

In order to learn more about Homeschool Blogger I set up an account, also under the name of The Thinking Mother.

Here are some pro's and con's.

I run Google AdSense ads on my blog and make money. I am not making much but it is a tiny bit which is better than nothing. I can do this on Blogger/Blogspot but not on Homeschool Blogger, so far as I know.

I can be an Amazon Associate and earn a percentage of books or anything purchased on Amazon if it goes through links on my blog. I am new to that and have made less than $5 so far but still it is something. I can do this on Blogger but not on Homeschool Blogger, so far as I know.

I already am familiar with Blogger/Blogspot but not Homeschool Blogger. They don't work the same, technically speaking, and to move to Homeschool Blogger would mean learning something else new which I don't find at all fun. I have limited time for blogging and don't want to spend that time on learning new computer stuff which is boring to me. I just want to write and post that to blogs.

If I were on Homeschool Blogger I could find other homeschooling blogs easily. I could make a little community. I don't have that with Blogger/Blogspot.

So for now I remain on Blogger/Blogspot.

One more thing, Blogger/Blogspot was purchased by Google. I have confidence that this site and service will remain open and running. I am not quite sure why Homeschool Blogger/Old Schoolhouse magazine runs a blog site and 'what is in it for them'. I question their ability to run the sites. It must cost money to maintain. What are they getting out of it other than maybe selling more magazine subscriptions? I know that Mothering magazine has had issues with running their free message/chat boards. I wonder when and if Old Schoolhouse magazine will have issues with paying for running all those homeschooling blogs.


Daryl Cobranchi said...

I started with AdSense too and made essentially nothing. BlogAds has been much more profitable for me. Drop me a line if you need more info.

Daryl Cobranchi
Home Education & Other Stuff (

cinnamon said...

I like your reasoning. :)

Almost Lazarus said...

Homeschool blogger is not inclusive. It's primarily Christian and white. Doing various searches on that site nets many "less than tolerant" posts. I suppose that works for some, but I'm up for helping all homeschoolers.

christinemm said...

Yes you are right. Old Schoolhouse magazine is Christian. I am for helping all homeschoolers also. I was raised in a Godless home and am now a believer but am not in the same mindset or league as some who say they are 'Christian' are.

As to the ads, I had never heard of BlogAds.

I have also had problems with Google AdSense which are too long to go into here.