Tuesday, January 17, 2006

American Idol to Start Tonight: My Husband’s Torture Begins

That time of year is here again. The time when there is nothing good on television so were resort to watching American Idol. My husband is funny because he will watch nearly anything but this show drives him crazy. If this season is to be like the past two seasons, my children and I will be watching it while he sits nearby, reading and cringing. The thing my husband hates most of all is watching the audition shows where we see the REALLY bad singers. My kids and I think this is the really funny part.

If this season is like the past, my older son will automatically pick out a country singer to be his favorite (no matter what the gender). My younger son prefers to support and vote for males, preferably those who sing rock music (!).

Yes, we do vote. We vote numerous times. My children each vote once or twice, either once for their two favorite singers or twice for their one favorite. In the beginning of the show I vote for up to four candidates. The redial on my portable phone makes this an easy task.

We watch the TiVo’ed version on the same evening, so we can skip by the commercials yet still have time to phone the votes in. The other advantage to watching a pre-recorded version is that I am calling in on off-peak hours. I find that if I phone in right at the end of the live show, the lines are jammed and busy.

I view American Idol as entertaining and harmless. It is not controversial or anger-inciting (as watching the news is). It is entertaining without crossing the line into the ‘brain rot’ category (which so many shows are)!

Will you be watching American Idol?

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Bruno Amato said...

The bad singing is the best part of the show....and Simons remarks of course!