Thursday, February 22, 2007

Question Answered About Six Year Old Homeschooler and Socialization Opportunities

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Question: A parent of a 6 year old girl says the girl is asking for time with peers. The mother asks if she should enroll her child in school so the girl can be with other children. She also asked about Girl Scouts and if a homeschooler could do Girl Scouts.

My answer:
I would put her in Girl Scouts. They meet weekly. If she meets nice girls there then invite them for private playdates.

Also is she going to other classes with other homeschoolers or with schooled kids?

Does she go to library events/classes? Take art classes? Participate in a sport? Do chess club? 4H? Swimming lessons? Swim team?

A bunch of my homeschooling friends started a HS 4H club and it is going great! I am a Cub Scout Leader and my homeschooleded boys are both Cub Scouts.

I don’t know what it is like where you live but around here there is a crazy amount of classes for kids once they turn six, which results in much over-scheduling in the homeschooling community as well as with schooled kids. A lot of six year old’s I know have a better transcript of activities and clubs then I ever did!!

Sometimes within the homeschooling community I find I have to start something in order to have it exist, rather than wait for others to start it or complain that X doesn’t exist. I have started a “science of toys” class, an art/craft class for six year old’s and their younger siblings who tag along followed by a playdate.

Are their homeschooling support groups in your area? I was shocked recently when I met three women who had no clue that there were any homeschoolers outside of their church homeschool Group. They didn’t’ know that ‘the rest of us’ existed right under their noses (in "all inclusive" homeschooling circles). They were keeping just to their fellow church-homeschooling-friends and they said felt very isolated (which was very sad to me as they were miserable).

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Mr. Bob said...

I am a father and Cub Scout leader... I have both my son, 6.5 and my daughter, 8.5 enrolled in Scouts and they have a great time. The social aspect is great but the reason I love it is the lessons that are being taught disguised as games and other activities. Team work, patince, love for others, respect, belief in god, etc... You will not get that in public school..

Mr. Bob
A Cub Scouting Adventure -

Jennifer said...

Hi Christine-Great recommendation for girl scouts! We belong to a homeschool only girl scout troop. We meet every other Friday where for 2 hours the girls work on various projects to earn badges. There have also been special service events like singing carols at the nursing home. On valentine's day the girls had a little valentine's party. I was just tickled when my 6 year old said "look how much my friends like me." We have not done play dates with any of the other girls yet but I always let my daughter hang around after our meetings to play at the playground. If your reader is looking for a homeschool girl scout troop, she can just call her local girl scout council for more information.