Sunday, November 13, 2005

Thoughts About "Red Sails to Capri" by Ann Weil

When my older son was seven I read the book “Red Sails to Capri” by Ann Weil aloud to him. My then-4 year old son listened in on most of it. It is one of our family’s favorites.

I first learned of this book while reading the Sonlight catalog. I had an opportunity to get a free copy of it, so picked it up for future use. I was prompted to read it when a local homeschooler posted a note to our local homeschooling chat list telling us how much her family enjoyed the book. I felt as if I had discovered a treasure.

When I started reading the book I didn’t know what the book was about. It is about a ‘blue grotto’ on the island of Capri. I didn’t even know there was such a place in the world. The fact that this lovely place exists was not on my public school’s curriculum. What a shame.

When we finished reading the book, I decided it was one of the best stories I had ever read. This is a story whose hidden story I was able to figure out (this goes along the lines of what the authors of "Deconstructing Penguins" talk about figuring out). Come to think of it, I wish they’d add this book to their book discussion reading list.

My son begged me to find more stories like this to read to him. He really loved the story. Also when we finished the story I went to the internet in search of images of the blue grotto. He was thrilled to see them (as was I).

Tonight while having dinner with my in-laws and their close friends, a story was shared about when they had all traveled to Italy together for a trip. They said the best part of the trip was when they went to see the blue grotto. They had gone to see the blue grotto. I told about the wonderful story “Red Sails to Capri” and suggested to our friend, that she purchase this book to give to her grandson (aged 9), and/or that they read it aloud to him.

I went to the internet and from what I can see on Amazon and Barnes & the book looks like it is out of print. I ‘ran’ over to Sonlight’s site which still is selling it. I see on Amazon, that many used copies are available. I just can’t believe that such a great book may be going out of print.

The friends asked me to write down the title of the book. I sent them home with the title and author jotted down on a piece of paper, along with Sonlight’s website and Amazon’s URL.

Later my father-in-law phoned to ask if he could borrow our copy, as he wants to read it himself!

I recommend that all of you go buy this book immediately! Let’s keep this in print!

Hmmm, I just may buy copies of this for my nieces and nephews for Christmas presents...


Daniel said...

i just finished reading Red Sails to Capri to my 10 year old son and we both loved it! i have a penchant for mimicking foreign accents so another dimension to the book i think, hehe!. not that it needed it though - it's a lovely book and easily one of our favorites now. i like your review because you described exactly what we went through and how we felt about the book. good stuff! i'm glad for sonlight too; without it, we wouldn't have found this gem of a book.

God bless!


Laurie said...

This is one of our family's favorites, too!

Renata said...

I had started reading this to my kids and I had trouble getting into it. I was thinking of skipping it altogether. But I thought I'd try to see if there was an audiobook version out there. That's how I cam across your post. Thanks for posting this. I will try reading it again. said...

This book seems to still be in print as it is still in the 2nd grade Sonlight curriculum. :) We will be diving into it next week!

Glad you enjoyed it!