Monday, November 28, 2005

High School Reunion Was Fantastic

I am still collecting my thoughts about my high school reunion. It was fantastic. I had a better time than I had expected. I had some drinks but never felt a buzz so at least I was not drunk and also was not making a fool of myself or anything like that, ha ha. (I didn't see anyone drunk and making a fool of themselves, come to think of it.)

I hope to blog more about this at a later time. The way my brain works is I either have to kind of gel my thoughts in my head then write them down in a coherent manner (which is fast and easy) or else I sit and write it all out like 'emptying my mind', and then edit and tighten up what is written down (which takes a longer amount of time).

All I will say now is that I keep thinking about my kids now and their experience with homeschooling and how they are NOT a part of a school system and are NOT forced to be with all kinds of people (good and bad and indifferent) and how if we stay on this path they won't have a reunion to go to (but they will hopefully have friends from the homeschooling world) but they just won't have that collective experience of all having been through school together. Perhaps for me this is a little more sentimental than other people as I went to prek-4 in my hometown plus Kindergarten through 12th grade (13 grades total) in the same town and with many of the same people. I think if a person moved around a lot in their lives perhaps a reunion is less important but I don't know.

Before I went, I was dreading telling people I am a stay at home mom as I thought they may not respect it. I didn't know what they'd say about me homeschooling my kids. Come to find out a bunch of my peers or their wives now stay at home and it was respected. There was no stigma for not being a mom who also works for pay outside the home. Of course some of the moms did work full time plus have children.

Also if people asked "what I am doing" I said I am at home with my kids and homeschooling them. I got praise and statements of "WOW" and "that is great". I didn't get a single, common question such as, "is that legal"? Comments that I get from those in my own town were not said such as, "I could never do that" or "why would you do that" or "why not just send them to private school if you don't want to use the public school"? I didn't hear one single negative comment about homeschooling.

Most people were asking just if I had kids not asking "what I do". At the five year reunion it was about what college we went to and what our job was. At the ten year reunion it was about career and are we married and only a few people seemed to have kids. So at this twenty year reunion it was about marriage and kids (both together in one question) and then sometimes "what do you do?" and no one spoke of post-high school education. Most people had kids under the age of ten. Interesting.

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Trish said...

Personally, I wouldn't put too much thought into HSed children not having reunions to attend. It's wonderful that you had a great time, but I don't believe that's the norm!

I only attended my 10th and practically by force of some girlfriends. I was sorry I did. The "students" were just as clicky as in school. Some were already talking about who is divorced now, and jilted boyfriends were telling untrue rumors about their ex's who didn't attend. That's just the way these people behaved during school.

If there was a 20th or 25th (ouch!) reunion, they obviously lost track of me as I never received notice.

Whew! (I would've declined anyway.)