Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Dr. Ferber and Dr. Sears Change Opinions on Baby Sleep

Here is a Wall Street Journal article dated November 15, 2005, in which Dr. Ferber (yet again) speaks of regrets of recommending his cry-self-to-sleep method for babies. Over and over in recent years Dr. Ferber has expressed that he has felt that his method has been misunderstood and misused by parents. Dr. Richard Ferber's recommendations were published in a book called "Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems". I will include the link to the book here in case you want to read about the book or read the customer reviews.

Dr. William Sears has a new book out “The Baby Sleep Book” (published in October 2005) in which he softens his advice to parents about not letting babies cry before sleep.

Dr. William Sears also published a book called "The No-Cry Sleep Solution" in March 2002.

Prior to the publication of these books, ideas for dealing with infants and sleep were included in another book by Dr. William Sears: "The Baby Book". This book was originall published in the 1990s but has been revised and expanded in 2003. I found this book invaluable as a first-time mother; it was the book that I referenced the most for parenting information. I also felt that the recommendations were in line with what felt right in my heart and mind!

If a parent follows their heart rather than just what an expert says, I feel they will be better off. If a parent does what they think is right then they rarely have regrets and defiantly won’t have guilt over past experiences.

Despite what these two doctors say about sleep and babies, I am very happy about how I handled putting my babies to sleep. When they gave “their advice A”, I was happy to do what I wanted which I will call “my way”. Now that they both are changing gears and giving “their advice B”, I am unaffected. I am still happy that I did it “my way”.

This all goes along with the notion that we should not do things to please others and ignore our own instincts, ideas and feelings.

Also this is yet again proof that whenever someone puts something in writing or something is recorded that someone says, the person always has the right to change their mind, recant what was said prior, and then to say something different. I love that about free speech.

Whenever we read anything in a book or a magazine or in a newspaper, we should keep in mind that the information could have been selectively quoted or edited, and also that at any time the person may recant or change their views and may say something contrary to it in the future.

So, I hope you are following your heart and your gut and not blindly following someone’s advice.

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hemlock said...

I think some people just like to follow the 'experts' rather than have to feel things out for themselves.

I think a parent knows when the baby is just crying or really needing something.