Monday, October 24, 2005

Sewing Halloween Costumes Part III

About one day last week (a weekday):

My two phone calls to my friend who sews (and who is making this same costume for Halloween) remained unreturned. This is unusual. It dawned on me she may be out of town. Yes, I remembered she was going to visit relatives, who live out of state, she must be there. (Yet another bonus to homeschooling: we get to travel when we want to, unhindered by a school’s schedule.)

We were going to the homeschoolers park day so I brought the pattern along. I figured out of the dozen or so homeschooling moms there, someone would know how to sew from a pattern. I was right. The support group leader was an accomplished sewer and she was able to help me.

The pattern instructions are just not written for beginners; at least not the patterm I am using (Simplicity 4426). Perhaps pattern companies should realize that they would make more sales by making their patterns more understandable to novices. I guess their marketing staff does not realize that there are a large number of people who are highly intimidated by the entire process of machine sewing. If the directions were written with the beginner in mind, and they did an advertising campaign to lure the newbie’s in, they may make a fortune. The DIY craze could go a step further to tap into people who don’t know how to sew. If we felt confident enough to do this we would do what we see the designers doing on the HGTV remodeling shows: making our own curtains, drapes, pillows, etc.

Side note: I see that knitting is a big craze now. I knew some of my friends had started knitting but only when I saw that A.C. Moore had expanded their selection of yarn to three huge aisles, and that they added knitting classes to their lineup of craft classes, did I realize that knitting had really hit the mainstream. The most interesting thing to me is that in the fashion world, sweaters are NOT in right now. Yet there are many American women knitting for the first time, making sweaters and all things knitted. Yes, American women are actually spending a lot of time (and a good chunk of money) to make a clothing item that is not trendy and therefore is not being marketed to them by clothing companies. Amazing.

Well anyway I left the playground feeling confident that I could sew this Halloween costume, when I had the time. Hopefully I’d have time on the weekend.

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Lucille said...

There are patterns out there by Simplicity and the other companies that are targeted PRECISELY for beginners. You could very easily make a skirt or dress or slacks or curtains IF you bought one of those beginner patterns. But Halloween costumes and complicated dresses and such are designed with a person with some sewing experience involved. I guess they figure if you are a beginner and you want to sew a costume, you'll put together one that doesn't require a complicated sewing pattern. There are costumes you can do like that. Guess the one you have isn't one of them. I am by no means accomplished at sewing, but I have made a bathrobe and a sundress---but I used one of those BEGINNER patterns that I mentioned. They have special racks of them in every sewing store... Just thought I'd let you know that they exist.