Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sewing Halloween Costumes Part I

Two weeks ago I took out the directions with the pattern and read them over and over. This was so intimidating I put the pattern away for two weeks. This is my first ever attempt to sew from a pattern. I only recently learned to thread my bobbin and thread the sewing machine’s needle. I can barely sew a badge on a Scout uniform.

I realized I have two weeks until Halloween. There is a Scout camping trip on the last remaining weekend. This means I have little time to make these costumes.

I began wondering if I should go buy a store bought Anakin Skywalker costume. At the time I decided to make the costume by hand there were no Anakin costumes. However now that Halloween is closer, there they are. I did read on a blog about how parents are driving up to an hour and searching multiple stores in order to find Star Wars costumes for their children. Apparently the large chain store which carries them keeps putting them on sale and advertising them but they have been sold out for weeks.

So anyway I took the pattern out of the envelope. I unfolded it for the first time. I realized the costume has eight different patterned pieces. I laid out the paper and began cutting it. Then I realized this was probably too easy and that I should re-read the directions. The directions said I had to iron the pattern first.

So I ironed the paper pattern and cut out the pieces I needed. I cut out the pieces from sheet one and laid them to the side. I folded sheet one up and put it away. I unfolded sheet two and cut those pieces out then folded it back up and it put it away. There were pieces missing. I unfolded piece one again and they were not there, so I refolded and put it away. I unfolded piece two again and they were not there, so I refolded and put it away. I pondered the idea that my pattern was missing pieces and that would entail a trip to the sewing store. I then realized there were two more folded pieces hiding under the directions page. Phew. More ironing of pattern, more cutting.

I then read that the fabric is supposed to be washed and dried so it is pre-shrunk. I bought this about 3.5 months ago and I wished I had realized this fact before. Oh well. I threw it in the washer and washed it, then later dried it.

That is as far as I got on Day One. I did this all at about six o’clock in the morning as I had woken up early and everyone else was still asleep and the house was quiet.

The more I get into this the less confidence I have in myself to teach myself to do this and to do a good enough job to have these costumes be wear-able. Sigh.

I have always felt incompetent about not being able to sew. I learned to do it in public school, in the new middle school which had a huge ‘home economics’ classroom section. I tried comforting myself by reminding myself that a neighbor-mom once told me, in response to hearing that I felt inadequate about this, that I should not feel inadequate about not knowing how to sew. She said that it was a huge endeavor to homeschool my children and that I could cook and bake and even could make a great loaf of bread from scratch. She thought I was being ridiculous to think that my lack of sewing ability put me in the ‘not good enough mom’ category. I still have in my mind that all mothers and all women should know how to sew so here I am trying to teach myself to do it.

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