Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Over-scheduling Gave Me a Head Cold

Well I finally did it. I overtaxed myself due to over-scheduling and got myself sick. I have a head cold and feel completely wiped out. I am taking this as a cue from God that I should slow down.

Add to the list of reasons why over-scheduling is not good----it can cause not only stress and fatigue, but sometimes it also causes illness.

I need a pajama day. Having appointments and parties on Saturdays and having Church and Sunday School on Sundays, then homeschooling to do on weekday mornings leaves us with no days when we can wake up and just have a relaxing pajama day. So due to my head cold I am clearing my calendar and having a pajama day. I hope this helps.

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Trish said...

For what it's worth, there's lots going around right now. WS has strep AND an upper respiratory infection at the same time!

Hang in there!

(Oh, we got WS an Obi Wan costume which I MUCH prefer to Anakin any day!)