Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Feeling the Need to Escape

I am feeling the need to flee and escape the reality that is my life in Fairfield County. A visit to my grandmother in Northern Maine is due. It is time to check the calendar to see which appointments and classes we have that allow the most leeway for our absence.

Those of you who know me, know I speak of escaping to the Maine woods. It is a total decompression for me. Here is a picture of where we escape to. I took this photo in June during our last trip to visit Nanny. This is the family homestead.

Being in a tiny town of under 1000 residents, where there are no street lights, no overscheduled children, no overscheduled moms is refreshing. Being where the air is fresh, and the people are far outnumbered by various woods creatures and critters helps me get recentered and to put me in my proper place in the pecking order. Up there no one cares what kind of car someone drives, or how big their diamond ring is, or what kind of counters they have in their kitchen. Life is harder up there, and it is more centered around basic survival. Also, living in a small town has the advantage of being a disincentive to acting in disrespectful ways. Everyone knows everyone and you can't get away with much up there. That is good for both children and adults. Someone is always watching and you can't hide for very long!

Anyway life in this tiny town is the anthesis of life in Fairfield County. I need the escape every once in a while. Visiting my grandmother is also an emotionally fulfilling thing in and of itself.

I'd move here in a heartbeat if there was a way to make enough money to live comfortably. The downside to living in this town is that there are not many jobs, certainly none in my career and none in my husband's career field. Sigh.

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Trish said...

Wow, how beautiful!

Thanks for your post on Anakin! I guess every little boy wants to be him.... I wish I had access to a sewing machine as I would give it a try for him. :-(

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