Sunday, October 09, 2005

Blog Comments Word Verfification Added

Today I added the new word verification step to the process of adding comments to this blog. I am getting slammed with spammer comments, comments which are generic bu then advertise their own blogs, all of which so far have been 'commercial' blogs.

In the past I have been deleting those spam comments.

Let's hope this cuts down on the garbage comments.


me :) said...

Hope the verification wasn't meant to block me out, LOL! I was wondering if you've read The Plug-In Drug and what you thought. I've always severly limited the tv my kids watch (they're now 3 and 4) but this has been really convicting. I'd love to read your thgouths on it.

Trish said...

Hi CM!

I jave a blog too, and I use the verification. (when I wrote my first or second blog, then received 3 immediate spam responses, I knew I had to do it--I hadn't even told three people yet!)


Trish said...

Ooops, I meant I Have a blog...

I need spell check!!