Thursday, September 15, 2005

When People Are Reading My Blog

Here are the results for when people read my blog last week. If any of my readers are homeschoolers, this shows me when you have free time to read blogs. Anyway, we can see overall at what times my readers are online.

As I write this, I suddenly realized, this is also not very accurate as it is measured in Eastern Standard time. If my reader is from somewhere other than here, the time is incorrect. I guess the main thing I can glean from this is if I want to do a blog update before my readers come to check my blog, it would be best to do it before 10am. By the way, in the past the 10am slot has always been #1.

This is measured by the hour, i.e. 10:00am to 10:59am.

10am and 9pm are a tie as the top reading times, at19 readers during each of these hours
4pm, 16 readers
11am, 15 readers
7pm and 8pm are a tie at 14 readers per hour’s slot
12pm and 2pm are tied at 13 readers per hour’s slot
10pm and 11pm are a tie at 10 readers per hour’s slot

The rest of the hours had 9 or less readers per hour.


By the way, I like my free Site Meter service. I have no complaints.


me :) said...

I read your blog all the time - LOVE IT!!! You have such great insight and are so down-to-earth! I used to have a blog, but quit as I was the only one reading it, LOL. Thank you so much for sharing - it's making a big difference for me and my 2 kids :)
BTW - LOVE math-u-see which I tried after reading about it here and researching it through local friends - DD is loving it and doing great. THANKS!!!

christinemm said...

Thanks for leaving a comment. I really do wonder if anyone is reading my blog. My Site Meter says most of my readers spend 0 second on the site which confuses me. What does that mean anyway?

Glad you like MUS. We really love it.

I just published a long piece that I wrote 6 weeks ago about lazy parenting. I am trying not to be to sharp or negative. Let me know what you think about that piece please!