Monday, September 12, 2005

Starting a Family Notebook

I have decided to set up a family notebook. One section in this will be for current activities. I am putting information in this section regarding the class/co-op/sport we are doing, contact info for the organizer, dates of the classes, and directions to get to the location. Emails, handouts, or flyers with information about this activity will be placed in the notebook.

I hope this eliminates the need for doing searches on my computer or looking for scraps of paper on my desk or counters.

My original inspiration for this was from watching the TV shows “Wife Swap” and “Trading Spouses”. The families have to write a handbook (a notebook) that discusses all their current activities, contact information, doctor information, etc. My second inspiration was reading about this in the book “Notebooking! Yes! You CAN be a Binder Queen!” by Cindy Rushton. (I have the paper book but I see she is selling an e-book with a lot of extra information and forms now.)

This will expand also to have birthdays and other important dates as well as contact information for homeschool support groups, etc.

I don’t use a Palm Pilot. I probably would use a Palm Pilot if I had the money to buy one and the inclination to learn to use it properly. I also don’t use my cell phone as a data storage place.

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A Servant of the King said...

If you are interested in starting a household notebook, check out They have a section on how to start and lots of free forms. If you are interested in purchasing one, try this site: