Sunday, August 07, 2005

What My Older Son Wants to Learn About This Year: Reading Fictional Stories Aloud

The other day I asked my older son what one thing he really wants to learn about. I explained I was going to be planning what we’d study this year for our homeschooling, and would include any subject that he had a burning desire to learn about. (I was going to add in time each day to learn about whatever thing he wanted, no matter if it was a different historical time period or science topic that we were studying.)

He thought about it for a moment then he replied that what he really wants is a daily session of me reading aloud to him (and his brother). I asked what he wanted to read, was it a certain subject? He replied, “No, read aloud any story, but read aloud every day.” He was referring to fictional content. Bless his heart.

I then felt guilty for not doing daily read-aloud’s. I enjoy doing it and used to do it, but it keeps falling out of the schedule to make way for any number of other things. Reading aloud daily is something I consider to be important. But like exercise and eating foods high in nutritional content, it is something that must be committed to and something that time must be made for.

I hereby am announcing that I will make a commitment to read aloud to my children every day, something above and beyond the coursework we are studying (science, history, etc.).

I promise.

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