Monday, August 15, 2005

What is Narration?

Here are some great articles about narration.

Narration Beats Tests
First of a series on "Beginning Homeschool How-Tos."
By Karen Andreola
Printed in PHS #4, 1993.

Narration by Catherine Levison

Narration, the Art of Storytelling by the Parker Family

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Lisa said...

I love that narration should be a fundamental part in our children's learning. I'm not sure how to avoid a child telling back the entire story. We do narration with our "fun books" and I allow her to tell me the whole thing back, and true, she does tell me her favorite parts. On my blog I put my new method for helping my daughter with her narration when it needs to be condensed. She is already learning to recognize key points just from a few weeks of this practice. I loved your links on narration, thank you for sharing.