Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Time Cover Story on Homeschooling: August 27, 2001

Here is the TIME cover story from the August 27, 2001 issue.

Article Title: Home Sweet School: The new home schoolers aren't hermits. They are diverse parents who are getting results — and putting the heat on public schools

By John Cloud and Jodie Morse

Back when this was published it was met with mixed reviews by the homeschooling community. Some felt that it was good enough to show doubting relatives as it was a positive article. Some complained that the same old stereotypes were represented. I remember feeling that the positives in the article outweighed the negatives. I was happy, at the time, that the article was long and that it wasn't all negative in tone!


Marsha said...

I thought this article came out several years ago. Or am I remember something else?

christinemm said...

You are right. Someone sent me the link and said it was the current issue. The article didn't have a date on the main page, it just said "cover story" so I assumed it was the current "cover story". I had to do more searching on the TIME site to find the date of publication, which was August 27, 2001. I edited the blog entry to reflect the correct information.


On a related note a friend said she read an article about the negatives of middle school in the current issue of TIME. I will go in search of this online or will check out the paper issue at my local library. She thought that homeschoolers, and of course, parents, would be interested in the middle-school article.