Thursday, August 04, 2005

Starting to Plan Homeschooling Outside Activities

I am getting excited about what we will be learning this upcoming year. I have not begun planning the academic content of the areas in which I design our own studies. First I want to finish sorting books which have overrun our family’s library.

What formal classes and sports we will do this fall are beginning to get lined up, though.

My older son has learned to play chess and we will participate in a local homeschool support group’s Chess Day which is a formal chess-playing session followed by outdoor free play. The main goal of this is socialization, friendship-making and fun. I need to sit down write the dates/time on the calendar.

An email just came through our local homeschoolers chat list offering an in-home class for music basics and music appreciation. This is an area that we have completely ignored (regretfully). I don’t feel confident about teaching my kids to read music and to play the recorder, and those are some of the things in the class’s agenda. I will sign both kids up for this as it is a mixed-age class which fits both of their age ranges. It is also quite a good price. It is yet another opportunity for my children to meet other homeschoolers and make new friends.

I enrolled my older son in a book discussion group which will take place weekly. This is a free event. I think they are going to read The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. This event is first being offered to homeschoolers but if it isn’t full then it will be offered to any child who wants to participate; it will be held in a town library and is being taught and organized by a father of a homeschooling family.

We were invited to participate in a group which will do activities, crafts, and cooking related to Medieval and Renaissance periods in world history.

I had better get a handle on all of this and stop signing up for things lest we end up over-scheduled and unable to accomplish our family’s basic homeschooling goals!

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