Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sick of Book Sorting

It has come to a point that my dealing with books is sorting, cataloguing, reorganizing, storing, and moving books takes more time than using and enjoying books. I don’t like this.

Books are to be used and enjoyed. Books should not burden the owner.

I was thinking, though, that as a homeschooling mother, my time to shop for, sort, and organize books is similar to what a school teacher does. However, the school teacher is able to do most of this “at the office” and gets paid to do it. The teacher has time alone to do this in whatever manner she wants: in a relaxed manner or in a rushed manner. What I am doing is so different, trying to do all this within my own home, surrounded by my children and in the presence of my husband. Doing this work is squeezed in here and there, in between errands and household chores and around family committments, appointments, etc.

Today I am working on finishing up putting away various books that were all over the house and others that have built up on the library floor: stacked up, laying around, or lying in boxes in a half-sorted stage. By the end of today I want the library floor to resemble a proper floor. I want the books on the shelves in an organized manner. I don’t want to see a single box of books in a hallway floor, or near a closet, or in a bedroom.

The temptation to procrastinate is a hard thing to fend off. There are so many things I could do instead of this, to divert my attention away from this job which is no longer fun. Writing this blog entry right now is one of the things I am doing to take a break.

I need to buckle down and finish this…

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