Wednesday, August 17, 2005

My Charlotte Mason Study Group

I am a homeschool support group leader for a specialized group which is studying the writings and educational theories of Charlotte Mason. We are about to begin our second year.

Last year we read chapters 1-10 of Karen Andreola’s
book, “A Charlotte Mason Companion”. These chapters focused on the general educational theory and some perspectives on more general parenting topics. We were to read the chapter at home and highlight the passages that interested us. At the meeting we went over each page, discussing the parts that we found enlightening or interesting in some way.

I allow people to come who are curious about homeschooling but are not yet homeschooling. People can also come who are not familiar with the Charlotte Mason method and may not own the book or have read the book that we are discussing.

We also took time at the start of each meeting to ask any general questions about homeschooling or to ask about the
Charlotte Mason method, or to discuss a certain living book or curriculum.

Originally I thought we could cover two chapters per evening. However, we are so chatty that we could only get through one chapter. The meetings also run long, sometimes going 3.5 hours! By 11:00pm we are tired but not quite ready to end the lively discussion.

Last week I sat down to make plans for this year. We are going to continue with the same book, and start with Chapter 12 and 13, which are related topics of books. At this point in this (wonderful) book, the subject matter turns to more practical, educational how to use the Charlotte Mason method type content.

We have a core group of about six moms who attend each meeting. A few others attend sporadically. I enjoy seeing the same women each month, and also enjoy the moms who attend just once or came to two or three meetings.

These meetings fulfill me more than any other homeschool support group meeting does. I used to attend more general group meetings where people

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