Sunday, August 21, 2005

More Book Selling Today

Today I am researching and writing up sales notices for books and curriculum. Some of this is a friend’s and some is my used or never-used stuff. This takes a lot of time, especially when the price of the item is not on the item. I look it up online to see what the retail price was and then come up with a reasonable price to ask for it.

I am listing some new items and relisting some items that didn’t sell in July, on various places on the internet.

I just realized that a couple of books of mine were stolen during the tag sale. I had not unpacked the boxes of books that I displayed at the tag sale in July, until just now. I can’t believe that someone would steal from a person selling stuff at a tag sale. My outlook on humanity is not too good today as a result of this. I didn’t watch the people at the tag sale like a hawk because I was helping my children sell lemonade and homemade cookies. Sigh.

I have decided that if this stuff doesn’t sell after me listing it on 3-4 different websites I am going to take my own books to a local used book store and turn them in for store credit. I was hoping to turn them into (a small amount of) cash instead. Oh well. I will donate others to a new local thrift shop being run by homeschoolers. At this point I just want them out of here!

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