Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Love to Learn Homeschool Supplier and Free Curriculum Guide

Today I received a paper catalog in the mail from “Love to Learn”.

This supplier sells secular and Christian living books.

Looking at the catalog was like looking at my own bookshelves. As I leafed through the pages I was thinking, “Own that, have that, yes, have that one”.

Some of their prices were lower than Amazon’s. I also see that if you place your order through their website you get a free book or item as a gift, and if the order is $99 or more, you get two free books/items. Go here for information.

If you are looking for ideas and for a supplier of quality living books on the subject of history, geography, and science, you have found it in “Love to Learn”.

Additionally, they offer a free curriculum guide, viewable online with Adobe Acrobat, here.

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