Friday, August 12, 2005

Free ‘Homeschool Talk Radio’ Internet Program

Today I listened for the first time, to a free internet “radio” talk show, a program called “Homeschool Talk Radio”. When you visit the site you will see the listing for the current show. There are archives to previous shows to listen to, as well.

You can listen live, on the internet, without using any special software. You may also download the program as an MP3 file, if you prefer.

The show I listened to today was:
Homeschool Graduate: Nell Taliercio, of, joins us to talk about what it was like to grow up as a homeschool child. You don't want to miss this was so much fun!!!

Usually there is one new show per week. They hope to grow their services to have one show per day in the near future.

I added a link to their site in my sidebar, today.

Check it out!

(I know, some of you are wondering how I have time to listen to this, so I will tell you. While my kids were playing in the other room, I had the program playing while I was doing some computer data entry (my book inventory) on my computer.)

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