Thursday, August 18, 2005

Fantastic Salmon Recipe and Eating Salmon as a Non-Surgical Facelift

I am not a fish-eater, well, I wasn’t until the other day, when I tried a wild Alaskan Salmon recipe called “Planked Salmon with Honey-Balsalmic Glaze”, by Michael Chiarello, which my husband found on the FoodTV website.

(Yes, it was my husband who cooked it He loves to cook. Lucky for me, he is a great cook. I am a firm believer that cooking is not a feminine art. It is a skill and craft that can be performed by either gender. I am talking about men doing more than grilling!)

In the past I had tried farm-raised salmon and didn’t care for it. This was my first time eating wild Alaskan salmon. We bought it at our local Costco store. It was delicious! I was so surprised that I liked the salmon! I was shocked and amazed! This recipe gives a hint of cedar-smoke flavor and the honey gives a bit of sweetness.

The idea of trying wild Alaskan salmon came up because my husband walked into the room when I was watching a rerun of an episode of Oprah’s “After the show” episode called “Look Ten Years Younger in Ten Days”, in which Nicholas Perricone M.D. was talking about his three-day eating plan which is supposed to make the person look like they’ve had a face lift, just after three days of eating this three day diet. He was recommending its use when a person wants to attend a special event and wants to look great. He does not recommend eating farm-raised salmon, only wild Alaskan salmon. Dr. Perricone was saying that people can order it from Alaska and have it shipped to their home. But while my husband was at Costco, he saw it there (fresh) and bought it to try. We divided the piece into 4 servings and froze it.

Here are some other tips from Dr. Perricone.

Here is some information about Dr. Perricone on Oprah’s site.

Here is more biographical information about Dr. Perricone from his official website.

I had seen the original Oprah episode and had heard of this plan. Then one day when I was at my local library, I saw a like-new version of his book “The Perricone Prescription” and picked it up to look it over. Hey, for 50 cents, it was worth buying to browse through it.

The general theory is that foods that cause inflammation in our body’s tissues are what causes wrinkles and other (more temporary) skin issues such as puffiness, redness, etc. If a person eats foods that don’t cause much inflammation, they look better. Also included in the diet are foods rich in anti-oxidants which are good for the body.

I am not going on the three day plan right now. Perhaps I will before attending a special event.

If you like salmon, try that wonderful recipe! And if you don’t think you like salmon, try it also, you might like it!

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