Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Boggled by Resale Value of Math-U-See Manipulative Blocks

A friend asked me to resell some Math-U-See manipulative blocks for her. I needed to assess their resale value to help come up with a reasonable price. I am trying to avoid EBay to avoid paying listing fees and a commission to Ebay.

I will probably list these items for sale to the local homeschooling chat lists, some Yahoo Groups! For reselling homeschooling curriculum and also on The Well Trained Mind sale and swap board.

I can’t believe the prices that these are selling for, on EBay.

The average selling price for a USED (but complete) “starter set” is $28.25. A brand new set bought over the internet direct from MUS is $30.00. The crazier thing is that one auction was for full price and two auctions of USED sets exceeded the price of new sets. I don’t understand this!

Meanwhile complete sets of used “completer sets” averaged $29.67, while full price new is $35.

Prices for incomplete sets were only slightly lower. I am amazed that people are paying such high prices for used items for which they also must pay shipping. It is not as if the sellers were offering free shipping or some other perk! Why are people not buying directly from Math-U-See?


u said...

I too have been amazed at many items on ebay listed for more than the cost of brand new!

cbitts said...

These people don't research, they don't know retail price, they assume eBay is cheaper (during start of school homeschool material is in high demand and can be more expensive) & they don't know where to buy new because they didn't research.