Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Blaming Homeschooling or Schools

Regarding homeschoolers:
If something isn’t going perfectly (in the mind of the parent), the parent often first thinks about homeschooling/school. For example, “That problem would be solved if I sent them to school” or “Maybe they would like penmanship better if they went to school”.

This isn’t necessarily true, but it shifts the responsibility away from the parent to the school. Then the parent can blame the school. (I hear this all the time from parents who send their kids to school.) One of the favorite activities seems to be complaining about school stuff, anything from timing of the bus ride, who the teacher is, was that snow day really necessary?, and of course, complaints about their child’s boredom, learning problems, and other academic issues.

Schools also can't solve personality quirks of children, or make them outgoing instead of shy, etc. School is not the best place for children to learn positive social skills. School may give a child more opportunities for friends if when homeschooling, their parents don't make enough of an effort to make time and opportunities to make friendships, or if there seems to be no one in a close geographic area that they are "clicking with".

Regarding friendships that I had in elementary school, they changed yearly as who was in our classrooms changed each year. I seldom had opportunities to socialize with kids I knew at school, outside of school. Back then there were few sports or paid classes for children in preschool or elementary grades. My closest friends were neighbors, who I didn't at all socialize with at school.

It wasn't until middle school (5th grade) when after-school 'playdates' and sleep-over's and drop-off events (mall shopping, going to the movies) were done with friends from school. I am still friends with a handful of these now-women.

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