Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Another Article About Sex in Juvenile Literature Books

Here is another article from someone who appears to be on the same wavelength as me.

Article Title: Are your kids reading rot?
By Rebecca Hagelin
Published by:
Article date: 8/16/05

Lest you think the first book was put on the (American Library Association) list in error, the next recommended teen item I thumbed through was equally as nauseating. A sexual act between fourth-graders was a “highlight,” as well as graphic details of sex between teens, including a homosexual encounter. And this is the garbage that today’s educators pass off as great literature for our children? The great classics, meanwhile, are all but missing. One list I reviewed for eight-graders contained about 20 authors -- none recognizable save the lone great Mark Twain. And they call this education?

The ALA is quick to call anyone who questions its decisions a “censor.” But remember, part of our responsibility and privilege as parents is to be the ones who determine what is and is not appropriate for our own children.

Rebecca Hagelin is the author of the book: "Home Invasion!
Protecting Your Family in a Culture that’s Gone Stark Raving Mad"
. It sounds like a great book. I have not read this book yet. If you have read it, would you email me or post a comment to this blog about it?

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