Saturday, July 30, 2005

Sources of Used Books, Homeschooling Curriculum and Materials Online

Here are some great sources of living books, curriculum, and materials for homeschooling. In my quest to sell used or never-used books and curriculum this summer I have discovered some new sources. I also have discovered that many times items are less expensive at these sources when compared to EBay. Summer is the busiest time for people to resell their unused or used books, materials and curriculum.

Yahoo chat list for living books which also lists EBay auctions of living books (no curriculum)

Yahoo chat list just for people selling living books to each other (doesn’t list EBay auctions) (no curriculum)

Yahoo chat list for people to sell living books to each other and Charlotte Mason method books, plus math curriculum, but no other subject area’s curriculum

Yahoo chat list for people to sell and buy books from the Ambleside Online and House of Education booklists

More information about Ambleside Online and House of Education
Ambleside Online

Yahoo chat list for people to sell Waldorf inspired books and Waldorf-inspired curriculum to each other

Used living books and curriculum (classical and oddly, also ‘not classical’ curriculum)
The Well Trained Mind website’s sale and swap board

Some like VegSource but I can’t stand it as they have banned all sbcglobal ISPs from posting replies to the boards! So I no longer refer people to VegSource! If you want to peruse VegSource, you’ll have to find the swap boards on your own!

Used book sites which show multiple booksellers, so you can compare prices and decide which book you want to buy from a list of books:




And there is always


I once read an article by Mary Pride in which she pleaded that homeschoolers buy their books and curriculum NEW rather than used because it keeps the companies who publish the books and materials, and the authors, in business. I completely agree with this notion. Some of us do have to rely on used items in tight financial times. Other wonderful books are out of print and we have no choice but to purchase them used.

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William said...

Great listing of those sites... I prefer to sell my used books at Alibris...