Thursday, June 09, 2005

You can email me now--and about comments section...

I edited my Blogger profile to show my first name, state of residence, and to provide my email address. So go ahead and email me if you want to contact me and share your thoughts.

I want to share that before I published my email address on the blog, I have been receiving emails from friends and acquaintances about my blog posts, because they knew my email address already. I just want to share that I am getting wonderful, long responses and opinions to my posts. (Due to the low number of comments that I receive I was wondering if anyone was reading my blog or if they had any reactions to my posts.)

The people who email me don't want to use Blogger's comments section, either because they don't want the hassle of registering with Blogger or they don't want everyone to see their opinions. I wish I could share them with you because some of them are wonderful. I am encouraging these people to start their own blogs so they can share their thoughts with the world!

I have been asked why my blog restricts comments to registered Blogger users. I did this because I have heard horror stories of X-rated links and material being posted by "anonymous" comment-leavers. I don't want any spam and definitely not sleazy content in my comments areas!

Also my new hit counter is keeping track of the number of visitors to the site. I am surprised and amazed that I am getting so many hits. Anyone can view the information by clicking on the "Site Meter" icon at the bottom of the blog. I am using the free version of this program; if I paid a fee I'd get more bells and whistles. The most interesting thing to me, so far, is where in the world my readers are located (view the time zone chart). Amazing!

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