Tuesday, June 14, 2005

“The Scholar”: New Reality Show Features Homeschooler

A homeschooling friend emailed me last week to ask if I was watching “The Scholar”, a new show on ABC, which airs on Monday nights. As I write this, the first two episodes have aired. Due to my own user-error TiVo programming, last night’s show did not record, so I can’t give you my two cents on this show.

TiVo is great! But you know what they say about computers: “garbage in, garbage out”. I misprogrammed our TiVo and had less desirable programs on a higher recording priority so the TiVo recorded a program that overlapped with “The Scholar” instead. I just took some time to re-prioritize my recording list, all fixed!

Information about “The Scholar” can be viewed on ABCs website. The contestants seem to be high school seniors. My friend compared this show’s style to that of “The Apprentice”. The prize for the winner is a full scholarship to college.

One of the contestants, Scot from Pennyslvania, was homeschooled his entire life. The scholars even have their own blogs with their views on the outcomes of each challenge and each episode.

At least the contestants on this reality type “game show” will be intelligent. After scanning some of the other popular reality shows I was beginning to question the overall intelligence level of Americans and worried we were sinking to new lows.

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Darlene said...

Hi, I came through from SAHM webring and thought I'd take a look around. Your site caught my eye as I also homeschooled for six years. I'm interested to learn more about the Scholar and I find it awesome that home schooling is being widely accepted as the norm.