Monday, June 27, 2005

Clicking "Next Blog" on Blogger

Lately, when I have a few minutes to spare, I have been clicking that link at the top of the blogger window that says "Next Blog". It is very interesting diversion.

If you are going to try this I advise first to not do it when children are in the room. I am surprised at the number of blogs with photographic images which are x-rated. What most of these blogs are is just a repository of photographs, with no text or very little text. I have seen only one that has real text which was x-rated text and that one had no images.

I am surprised at the number of foreign blogs. It seems Blogger is a world-wide thing. I don't know much about Blogger and don't pretend to.

There are a lot of artists who are blogging. They may take photos and post those, or do artwork and post the scanned images. It seems some are doing this as a virtual portfolio for fun, while others are using this as a platform to sell their works. Yesterday I found an 8 year-old artist. He draws in pencil and sometimes partially colors it with various mediums. Then his mother scans it and he sometimes finishes coloring it using artist software. The results are very interesting. His blog is called Cheruboy.

There are some people documenting very personal details of their lives. This is not always a good thing, according to what I read in Rebecca Blood's book about blogging called "The Weblog Handbook". It seems that some employers read the blogs of job candidates to get a feeling for who their applicants are. Some people have even lost their current jobs due to content published in the employee's personal blog.

Some of the blogs are intended for personal friends and family to read about a person's life. I guess they didn't know that Blogger has an option to make a blog private; they listed their very private blogs as public, and therefore that is how I stumbled upon them.

One of the most interesting things for me to see is the format and style of the blogs. I barely know anything about the technical side of HTML and whatever else one needs to know to spiff up their blog. If you have a good book for amateurs that you can recommend to me, please leave a comment. I have browsed a few HTML books at libraries and book stores and they are all too intimidating and goobble-dee-gook looking for me to even try to comprehend.

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