Monday, June 06, 2005

Changes to my Blog

I spent some time changing my Blog yesterday. Here is a summary:

1. Received approval for Google’s AdSense program. In the next day or two you will begin to see small text ads on my blog. If you click on these ads, I will get paid. The more clicks I receive, the more money I make. The ads are supposed to be custom selected after searching the words used in my Blog, so they should be tailored to the things that I write about. Right now this is our one and only source of income. Google logs my own computer’s IP address so I can’t click on my own ads and generate my own income, LOL. So please, if you want to help us through this nearly 2 year unemployment phase, take a few seconds or one minute to click on these ads each time you visit my Blog.

2. I spent some time custom designing the color of the blocks that the text ads will have. I tried to make them aesthetically appealing to match the background color of my Blog. I also chose colors that I thought were non-intrusive and non-irritating to the eye while a person is reading the actual Blog entries.

3. I pondered the pro’s and con’s of where I wanted the ads to appear. I chose the right side, so when you read the entries you can just look at the left side of the screen. Let’s hope I set this up correctly. I also refused to accept image ads so no one will have to look at pictures or graphics, which I find irritating.

4. I added a counter to the bottom of the Blog to track the number of visitors to my Blog. Supposedly everyone can view these. This is a free version offered by Site Meter. I had some problems with the emails and the McAfee Anti-Spam program so this process took me over an hour to handle. Not what I consider fun. Anyway, I have no clue if this works or not.

5. I changed the overall look of my blog/the background and layout. The light gray color began to look dull to me. I didn’t make up my own, this is one of the pre-made templates that Blogger offers to its’ users.

6. I changed my Blog name to match my Amazon reviewer name. Now you know what name to look up in the “friends and family” section of Amazon if you want to read my 250+ Amazon reviews. I have been writing these reviews for seven years, for fun, and receive no financial kickbacks from them. I haven’t put much time into writing Amazon reviews lately.


Monika said...

Christine, I don't see the ads. More than happy to click for you.

christinemm said...

The ads will magically appear sometime in the next couple of days. It is a slow process, so far, having taken 14 days to process my spplication...stay tuned.
Thanks for offering to click on them.