Monday, May 23, 2005

New Guide Book to the World Landmark Books—Looks Great

I just found out about this new book: “World Landmark Books
A Homeschoolers' Guide” by Karen J. Thiessen.

Landmark books are history and biography books, one series is for American History and the World Landmark Books are for World History. This guide book is for the World History series.

The author’s website has information about what the book is about and there are sample pages to view. The book can be purchased directly from the author’s website.

The sample I viewed online is for Winston Churchill. It was a two-page summary, which included a synopsis of the book, with key facts and dates as well as the author’s personal thoughts about the book and notes about Churchill’s life.

After reading the sample it occurred to me that reading this book cover to cover would be a nice overview of World History that would help me feel more confident as I approach teaching history to my homeschooled children. It would of course, also help me decide which Landmark books to purchase. Landmark books are for middle school aged children. Right now I am buying them when I see them at good prices while book hunting. Because my children are in elementary school, I am not using them yet.

If the parent did not read the World Landmark book, but their child did, it seems to me this book would provide enough information to have discussions with the child about the content of the book. I have heard several mothers say that as their oldest child gets older and due to being busy caring for their younger child(ren), the parent no longer has time to preread every book the child will read, making discussions about the book one-sided and difficult if not impossible.

This book is on my “wish list”!

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Jeannine said...

It's on my wish list too! :-)