Sunday, May 22, 2005

Making Connections—Spotting Liverwurst

While at the deli counter at the grocery store today, my 7.5-year-old son excitedly said, “Oh, Mama, Look! Liverwurst!”.

(I think this is the first time he ever noticed it in the deli case.)

You wonder why he said this with such excitement? It is because two weeks ago we read “A Cricket in Times Square” by George Selden, illustrated by Garth Williams (who illustrated the Little House books). Liverwurst is a favorite food of the cricket and the mouse.

We don't eat liverwurst so when I was reading the part about the liverwurst I had to explain to my children what it was.

My sons and I LOVED this book and we are just beginning the next in the series, “Tucker’s Countryside” (in which the mouse brings a chunk of liverwurst to.

My son then said, “I can’t wait to read more of the second book, can we read that tomorrow?”

The answer is yes! I will make time to read this book to my children tomorrow. Maybe this will get me back on track with doing daily fiction read-aloud’s.

“Cricket in Times Square” is truly a living book, a wonderful story. It could also be turned into a unit study or a lapbook. I read it aloud to my children while my older son was so sick he was in bed all day long.

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EnergyAnalyst said...

Liverwurst is the best. I have enjoyed it since I was a kid. Should have let him try it. Good and good for you--as long as you don't have high cholesterol.