Thursday, May 26, 2005

Great Homeschooling Site: Paula’s Archives, SOTW/CHOW Comparison Chart & Book Lists

The Paula’s Archives Homeschool Advice site has a free chart showing the sequence and content of each chapter of “The Story of the World” (Volume One and Volume Two) by Susan Wise Bauer and “The Child’s History of the World” by Hillyer. (Sonlight and Ambleside Online recommend the use of CHOW but some Sonlight families are using or are considering using SOTW instead.) Some ambitious homeschooling parents are reading both books to their children for their study of history and are using this chart to help them know the sequence to go back and forth between.

Paula's Archives contain lots of articles on homeschooling, with these subject areas:

Literature for History & Science
SOTW Lists,
Latin Roots,
Stages of Homeschooling,
Curriculum Reviews and Information, and
Boredom Busters.

There is even a section with ideas on how to deal with picky eaters!

Here is her list of living books for science. This includes a list of biographies of Scientists, Inventors and Technology, alphabetical by person’s name.

I could spend hours on this site! According to the site counter, over 166,000 visitors have frequented her site. Now that is impressive!


Jeannine said...

Your link for the living books for science takes me to Sonlight.

christinemm said...

Thanks for letting me know, Jeannine, sorry about that. I just updated it with the correct URL. Hope you enjoy this great website: Paula's Archives.